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We are the company that offers a number of services in IT line of business. We are concentrated on thorough client service as far as their IT needs are concerned. We create not only simple websites,but also ERP systems, dedicated and mobile applications. We implement most technologically advanced applications to effectively manage clients' expectations and meet their standards.
  • Internet servers

    Getting your business on the Internet is key to success nowadays. Professional website is most of all the perfect way to present your services to your clients all over the world. Website equipped with professional and serviceable content management system (CMS) enables you to update your offer and to amend the framework of your services. Our solution can allow you to manage the incoming orders or bookings that are placed on your website, thus greatly facilitating making contact with new clients.


    • Galeria MM Poznań - Święty Marcin
    • GWJ Kancelaria Radców Prawnych Spółka partnerska
    • Online marketing
  • CRM, ERP systems

    It's hard to imagine a company performing well without the support of adequate database and management applications. Not only do applications like that upgrade customer service but also make it easier to interest future clients. Another advantage that comes from utilising appropriate applications is boosting information flow as well as significant enhancement of key inhouse operations.


    • Sprzedaż maszyn budowlanych nowych i używanych
  • Dedicated applications

    Dedicated applications are for those who need applications adjusted to their specific needs. The process of creating dedicated applications can be broken down into five stages. First and most crucial stage is a thorough analysis. The next stage is creating the project of a functional system. Information gathered in analysis is used to make a solutions draft and solutions reflection on one another that allows to assess information consistency. Having the essential knowledge regarding solutions we can start the implementation stage. In the following stage we carry out trial run tests and then hand the project to the client. Finally we run the application and if needed expand it according to client's expectations.


  • Hosting

    WEB WORLD aims at providing comprehensive client service and meeting their Internet networking needs and expectations. It's not only about operational systems implementation, but also about hosting which is renting Internet space available in global Network twenty-four hours a day. Our hosting offer can be defined by high operational reliability, best connection speed (up tp 100 Mbps thanks to four independent framework networking operators) and great variety of devices in offer for unaided management of purchased services.

    Moreover, our consultants are always available to our clients, ready to provide help with all purchased services related problems. If you are interested in our services and looking for more details please contact us.


Professional and versatile approach is our domain.

Choosing the right technology is one of the most important decisions in creating a project, therefore, we put extra attention to make sure it's the right one. We select the best possible devices individually for the client to achieve the agreed goal.


Creating useful projects is our passion, and our clients' success is our pleasure.

We are the company that aims at creating professional Internet solutions.
Here you can have a look at some projects that we've accomplished.

MM Poznań Shopping Centre

Implementation of Internet service based on copyright text management system WEB WORLD CMS. Construction of subpage text management module of individual shops for their owners with editing option for system administrators.


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